The Journey Continues

Sorry I have been “out of touch”; however, I have been making an effort to settle my conflict with my previous employer (Elite Dental Partners). Unfortunately, my efforts have been of no use. There are so many things I have to share in order to “catch you up” on my journey. Please stay tuned, and tell your friends, while I fine tune the narrative. As most of you are aware, we never did any advertising in order to promote our business – we were fortunate to have been able to rely on “word of mouth” and I am counting on this method to share my stories.

Thanks for checking in and I look forward to sharing with you very soon.



My intent was to start with my post Mother’s Day comments,

however; it seems much more appropriate to address Memorial Day. I’m not skipping over my Mother’s Day post; I want to give the post the attention it deserves following the holiday.

There are MANY of you – friends and patients – that have met my father, James Wilson, at some time over the past 40 years when you were in for an appointment. He was always so proud that he had Charlie to take care of his dental needs. He had every reason to be proud. He raised 4 very strong and self-sufficient women – something that he not only took pride in, but laughed about from time to time. How he put up with all that female energy is still baffling.

To say that my father rarely spoke of his time in the military would be an overstatement. Was it because we were “girls” or was it just not a topic of conversation. I don’t recall any “in depth” conversations about his military experience. I know he had a brother that was lost in the Korean War, Uncle Dick, and I always knew that had an impact on him; however, men – especially in his “generation”, did not express any of those feelings. There were photographs in the “cedar chest” (you know, all of our mother’s had/have that place where they kept old photos and memorabilia). I saw pictures of ships, but had not idea what any of it really meant. My grandmother kept hers in a wicker basket at the bottom of a closet – it was the first place we explored. Ask me sometime and I will tell you what we were looking for…..

Thinking back to the conversations that my father and I had involving philosophy and/or politics, I saw him evolve in his opinions and soften in his judgements. I know that the time he spent in the military was one of the ruling forces in shaping the man we came to know as ” Daddy”.

There are several things I know for sure, he might not have agreed with your opinion or your interpretation of a situation, but he would move heaven and earth to insure your right to have that opinion. It takes a truly good man to disagree with you and still love you more than anything on earth. That was Daddy. That was why he did his time in the military, doing his part to insure that his 4 daughters have the right to free speech, to right to equal pay and the assurance that they will not be discriminated against in the workplace based on age, race, religion, or any other reason as granted by the Constitution of the United States of America.

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As I think about how incredibly cruel and heartless the “powers that be” actually were, I find it amazing that they can get up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror without heaving. They didn’t just take a job away, they separated a team that had been together for over 40 years – a team who also had their own contract to support and be with one another until death. They did it without a hint of compassion or remorse. Only God can break the bond of that contract. None of this was necessary. If the person directly my supervisor had done his job, none of this would have been necessary. I can’t imagine that I am now being punished for his inability to do his job. Curious…did he receive any reprimands for his failures? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sad Days

Can you imagine – those of you who know my little office next to the waiting room – I’ not allowed back in without an escort from Elite Dental Partners – Jeremy Applegate, Regional Director of Operations – not even to collect my paintings of the dogs, my father’s photo….my personal items…gathered over 40 years…all my little things…my memorabilia from Katie and Kristin…Michaela….can you imagine how violating it feels to have these strangers going through my belongings.



Be careful when invited to an early morning meeting with your supervisor. You may think he/she has invited you – in good faith – to review your problems, concerns and complaints. You thought you were getting breakfast, or at least coffee. I didn’t even get water….. You show up with folder in hand ready to address your concerns which include your repeated claim that you are being bullied and discriminated against based on your age. Rather than address your complaints and concerns, you might find yourself ambushed, taken to a conference room and, rather than breakfast, served a big helping of ridicule followed by termination. Selfishly, I thought I deserved a better and more dignified exit after giving 40 years of my life to build the practice – the practice that they found appealing enough to want to acquire.

Most of you know I have been an office manager in my husband’s dental practice since day 1 in 1977. Many of you have been on the journey with us, but now that journey ends for me. The new journey and mission begins.

Stay with me on this journey – I will not abandon you yet – my mission going forward continues to be advocating for you – the patient, the potential patient, any patient. I am here to answer any questions you have while trying to navigate the complicated landscape of corporate dentistry.