Be careful when invited to an early morning meeting with your supervisor. You may think he/she has invited you – in good faith – to review your problems, concerns and complaints. You thought you were getting breakfast, or at least coffee. I didn’t even get water….. You show up with folder in hand ready to address your concerns which include your repeated claim that you are being bullied and discriminated against based on your age. Rather than address your complaints and concerns, you might find yourself ambushed, taken to a conference room and, rather than breakfast, served a big helping of ridicule followed by termination. Selfishly, I thought I deserved a better and more dignified exit after giving 40 years of my life to build the practice – the practice that they found appealing enough to want to acquire.

Most of you know I have been an office manager in my husband’s dental practice since day 1 in 1977. Many of you have been on the journey with us, but now that journey ends for me. The new journey and mission begins.

Stay with me on this journey – I will not abandon you yet – my mission going forward continues to be advocating for you – the patient, the potential patient, any patient. I am here to answer any questions you have while trying to navigate the complicated landscape of corporate dentistry.

3 thoughts on “TERMINATION Revisited

  1. This is very typical of today’s corporate greed. They can hire someone new for less money and benefits than what your compensation was. If your work history is good and especially if it’s documented than this sounds like age discrimination to me. Might be worth a chat with a lawyer. Please keep you heart up in this trying time!


  2. This is dumbfounding, there is never a reason that can be brought forth to justify . It is a school of how to be the uncaring, unruffled and lack of empathy. Oh you can seek a lawyer even though you are personally and professionally not able to get past
    the humiliation. Oh yes, you remember every word, you likely asked calmly to provide proof of ANY instance that can provide proof. I’m sure financially, compliance of every known HIPPA, insurance and Board of Health documentation PLUS professional license was up to date on practice and trained professional employees. Age (?) oh goodness NO ONE implied that.
    They leave you questioning your worth, they cannot imply wrong doing, improper billing or bookkeeping, What they can do is destroy you mentally and take your career away, and to use a phrase that is polite, “it’s no skin off their teeth”, don’t lay down , it will haunt you and you know what your life blood built, yes I mean YOU.


  3. I noticed a change when the new company took over, just something in the air that did not fit the normal atmosphere.Also just about a week ago, their were new employees that I found……indifferent. You had just commented that you felt you had another ten years left in you. Then Wham! Sent packing without the dignity a person of your experience and importance deserves. It’s obvious this had been a plan by the new owners for some time.ontop of not allowing you to take your personal items that made that office like your second home is incorrigible! Sounds like then need a lesson in respect. I believe this is just the start of a final swipe to clear out those not hired by them. Who’s next?!


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