Gone with the wind…

It’s not where you go, it’s the lives you touch along the way..

We made it to Florida but all of our possessions are GONE (with the wind).

Here is our story. Please forward to everyone you know to prevent anyone anywhere for experiencing our calamity.

Following the death of Michael (we miss him deeply), we decided to head south to a warmer climate and a slower pace to enjoy our retirement. We contracted with a moving company and arranged to have 98% of our belongings sent to Florida where they were to be stored until we found a new home. The moving company picked up our treasures that were safely packed for shipping and off they went – up the driveway to a “secure and climate controlled facility” where they would rest safely until we give 7 days notice for delivery. I explained that it could take up to a year…”no problem, don’t worry about your belongings”. We paid 2/3 of the cost with the balance due at delivery plus any costs for storage which was quoted at approximately $350 per month.

I (Sandi) contacted the moving company in July to check on the shipment and was told that it is stored as close to the final destination as possible in a “secure and climate controlled facility” until we give 7 days notice for delivery.

We’re waiting on a home to be built; however, with supply chain issues it is taking much longer than expected.

Last week I received a text message from a stranger with photos of what was obviously personal items that were among our items that were in storage. Let the insanity begin. After numerous calls, much investigating and many tears, we were told that all of our personal items were sold in auction because the storage unit fees were not paid. The caller indicated he found several boxes of my possessions in the trash after the contents of the storage unit were sold. We were not notified; however, the Bill of Lading with all of my contact information was left in the facility.

BOTTOM LINE: Everything Charlie and I own is gone. The only solution we were offered was a return of the money we paid to the company we contracted with. Everyone we have spoken with has insisted they have no responsibility. So….we paid to have someone take all of our belongings and we are just “SOL”. There are numerous entities involved in what, in my opinion, was either a scam or a horrible mistake. If it was a scam, the individuals should have to stand accountable for their actions. If it was a horrible mistake, someone or everyone involved should do everything possible to right the wrong.

The loss of some of the items are heartbreaking. Many of you remember that I was going to finish the doll house that my father started before his passing – gone. The quilt we had made from his hiking clothes when he finished the Appalachian Trail – gone. Golf clubs and gear – gone. All of our Rookwood – our Cincinnati connection – gone. The china that Katie gave me – gone. The ashes of Uncle David and my sweet puppies – gone…and you can imagine the things we have collected over the years that we were bringing to our new home. Such memories – never to see again. Rest easy over the Roy Rogers collection…we donated that collection to the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devon Park; hopefully, you will have the opportunity to see it again there.

Don’t let this happen to you or someone you love. Trust no one. We are trying to not get jaded by this experience but it is difficult. We had hoped that the individuals involved would take responsibility, man-up, and have more humanity and compassion for what they allowed to happen to our possessions.

We are trying to keep a good attitude. We are in a warm and beautiful location. We are together. We have our two pups. We have our health (Charlie is still dealing with his back but hopes to get back to golf in a month). Please pass this through the United States and the world. Should any one of you have any ideas, we are open to any suggestions. Keep us in your thoughts. Know that we think of all of you often!